Nursing school

Healthcare crisis in South Tanzania

One obstacle to achieve a functioning health system for all of Tanzania is the chronic shortage of qualified medical staff. The situation is particularly bad in the south: hardly a well trained doctor or a skilled nurse volunteers to move in this underdeveloped region of the country. They all find well paid job in the north of Tanzania or by the coast.

In the past, there had not been any training facilities for care personnel in the Tunduru district itself – hence, there were no local recruits to fill the gaps. In 2007, wortundtat and KIUMA found a solution by setting up a nursing training college with 120 training vacancies themselves. Since then, graduates of secondary schools are trained in 3-year courses to become nurses and carers. Many of them remain in the district and fill the vacancies at the hospital and the regional wards. Even during their training, the apprentices provide vital assistance for the always well frequented hospital in KIUMA.