Community centres

Training in the surrounding villages

In order to create training facilities also outside the KIUMA project, wortundtat is building so-called Centres of Hope in some villages of the Tunduru district. They are a combination of vocational mechanical skills training facilities, a meeting point for the villagers, room for kindergarten groups and a community hall.

Trainee teachers live in direct vicinity of the Centre

The buildings include a house for the community leader, who received his theological education through KIUMA, and his family, a skilled craftsman instructor and maybe further skilled workers and labourers for the village. Under the instructor’s guidance, young people at the Centre are learning simple manual skills, which are useful for the region: for example, during the two-year long training period they learn, which tools to use to work wood without machines, how to build stable straight walls or how to operate a simple sewing machine. After their training, these young people have gained basic skills, which in turn benefit the village community.

Constant changes and great acceptance

They renovate, for example, public buildings such as schools or hospital wards in the villages or they help to build a new Centre in another village. They can also participate in construction work in the KIUMA grounds. Hence, it has been possible to start a process, which slowly but continuously changes the region. Apart from that, the commitment has been met with great acceptance of the mainly Muslim population. After having experienced KIUMA for over 20 years, Muslims have long shed their initial reservation towards their helping neighbours. Meanwhile, more and more villages of the district are asking for this kind of support.