Education can change an entire region

The quality of Tanzania’s education system, which for African conditions had been relatively good once, has because of lack of funding, increase in the population and neglect, significantly been reduced since 1985: today, only two of three Tanzanians are able to read and write and the situation is even worse in the Tunduru District.

Even primary schools are only attended in exceptional cases. And the few secondary schools outside the district capital Tunduru are in a sorry state. Vocational training opportunities for young people, who would like to train in craft or industrial professions, which are needed so urgently locally are non-existent. The lack of teachers is also a huge problem: many positions at the schools are not filled because the whole of Tanzania – but especially Tunduru – suffers a chronic lack of teaching staff.

Hence, since establishing KIUMA in 1996 wortundtat, has pursued the target to improve the education for the local population. Young people from the region are offered training opportunities, which increase the possibility that they stay in the region when they have completed their training as skilled workers. Although a slow process, it is obviously successful, as 20 years of observation confirm. For example, wortundtat – sometimes with partners – set up the following facilities on the KIUMA site: