The laundrette replaces bathroom and wash kitchen

Due to the fact that energy prices are very high, heating water is a luxury for many residents of Ceadir Lunga, they cannot afford. This is a problem in particular during the winter months. When temperatures stay below zero for months, many people use the so-called banja, a public bath with a number of showers, built and its running co-financed by wortundtat. And, those who have no washing machine or cannot afford the electricity to run it, use the laundrette next door. Here, an employee takes the dirty laundry (picture above) and returns it cleaned and folded to the owner.

Solar system heats water for washing and showering

All water needed for showering, heating or washing is heated by the thermal solar system, which is located on the site of the shelter for the homeless, which is in the same building as the banja and the laundrette. The original plan had been that the town would fund the running of banja and laundrette; however, its budget did not stretch to this so that wortundtat helped the town here too.