Soup Kitchen

Lunches provided by Gloria help through difficult times if there is not enough money to survive

The pensions of many of Moldova’s elderly population or temporary unemployment benefits are so low that many Moldovans regularly or temporarily suffer from malnutrition. Hunger is a steady companion for many, in particular in winter, because with the little money they have they cannot afford food or heating.

Therefore, about a hundred meals per day are prepared in the kitchen of the Diaconal Centre Gloria, which are distributed to the poor. Many people who come to the dining hall are not only enjoying the food, but also the companionship with other visitors – young and old. Others bring a container to fetch their meal, which they take home to share with family. There is also a “Meals on Wheels” service, where a driver of the Centre takes food to those who are not able to walk. 

Larder with provisions

A part from distributing meals on a daily basis, the larder also stocks provisions, from which the Gloria social worker takes individual portions to the poor when she visits them at their homes. That way, they can save a little money, which they can then spend on energy for example, the cost of which has rocketed over the past years. This is a great help, above all in winter, as the Moldovans pay world market prices for gas, which means for many on low income that they have to choose between heating and eating.