Shelter for alcoholics and the homeless – emergency shelter for women

Many men in Ceadir Lunga drink alcohol to escape from everyday life. Faced with a bleak outlook, they are drowning their sorrows. The shelter for the homeless and alcoholics gives some of them the chance for a new beginning: they once again learn to appreciate a routine, they are entrusted with clear tasks and in the best-case scenario they stop drinking altogether. The rules in the shelter are strict. However, anybody wanting to benefit from regular meals, medical care and living in a community has to comply with them. And those who have succeeded in overcoming their withdrawal symptoms are allocated small jobs: looking after the vegetable plot and the henhouse are as much part of the programme as tasks outside the vicinity of the shelter.

During the winter months, the shelter houses up to 30 men on occasions. The temperatures in the region are often significantly below freezing for weeks and months. Giving them shelter, the house time and again succeeds in rescuing people from freezing to death.

Emergency shelter for women

The approach single women in Moldova adopt when faced with emergency situations is often very different from men: they try to get through somehow. But they too do experience situations, where they, because of a lack of money, are not in a position to heat their own flat or to repair their dilapidated house. They find refuge in emergency shelters, which wortundtat has set up – for example in an owner-occupied flat, which was left to the organisation by the owner. The women are grateful for this facility. However, the demand is significantly rising, not least because energy prices have increased sharply over the past years.