Construction Team

The construction team is at hand when houses threaten to collapse due to a lack of money

During a visit in Ceadir Lunga, we meet Svetlana Bosazhe and her three children. The family has almost no income and only gets by with the help of wortundtat partner Gloria and relatives. The extension of the parental home, where the four live, is threatening to collapse. It provides no luxury at all. The clay plaster is falling off the walls both inside and outside. It is damp and dark and the air is stale. A bed, a cupboard, a tamped clay floor, windows that do not close, with flaking paint – that is what the home of the Bosazhe looks like. Water is leaking through when it rains.  Soon it will be winter. It is questionable whether the roof is strong enough to withstand the snow.

Many people in and around Ceadir Lunga live like that. That is when the Gloria construction team spurs into action: some builders arrive with tools, Eternit panels, timber, cement and what else they need to renovate a building. At the Bosazhe home, they repoint the gable ends, retile the roof, plaster the walls and build a canopy to protect the external walls against moisture. After only two days, their job is complete. The children can sleep in the dry again. The winter can come.