Clothes Chamber


Clothes and other second-hand goods for children and adults

According to the Moldovan Ministry of Finance, the average per-head income of the country in 2011 was about 87 Euro. The Ministry stated the minimum subsistence level during the same period as being ca. 91 Euro. In rural areas and places outside the capital, the income – if it exists – is probably significantly lower than 87 Euro. Not least because of this, many Moldovans of working age are going abroad to boost their income, leaving children or parents behind.
Those without working relatives have to rely on the help provided by others. The wortundtat clothes chamber is such a facility. If offers second-hand goods in good condition. Children and adults find what they need and get the right clothing for the respective season.

Good documentation ensures that aid is received by those who need it

To ensure that the clothes are definitely benefiting those who most urgently need them, staff record who takes what or which shoe sizes a family needs. That way they have an overview who takes how many pieces of clothing. The social worker who is out and about a lot has developed an eye for where help is particularly needed.