Social issues


Welfare case Moldova: the people living in the small Republic have to rely on themselves – or the support of others

The people in Moldova just have the bare essentials: because there are hardly any jobs, a large part of the employable population – mainly fathers and mothers – have gone abroad to look for a source of income. The relatives remaining behind – children and pensioners – hope that the emigrants send enough money to cover the essential costs. Of course, all these mums and dads are being terribly missed, and many grandparents can barely cope with looking after their grandchildren. At the same time, the welfare systems are completely underfunded. Health, unemployment or pension insurances pay – if at all – so little that nobody can make ends meet. And the State itself is also unable to look after the poor or to deal with infrastructure in need of repair or redevelopment: its tax revenue is far too low.

The consequences of this ever-present deprivation are clear to see: in particular in rural areas, many people have not enough to eat. Hardly anybody can afford reasonable medical care. Public facilities deteriorate. Private properties can only be maintained by those who have a job, a lot of money or good connections. This too is a problem: corruption is thriving. Like anywhere else in the world – it makes the strong stronger and the weak weaker.

wortundtat tries to alleviate the poverty of the people in Ceadir Lunga by offering a range of social facilities. In doing so, the aid organisation is met with a lot of good will and openness and even gets the support of authorities and politicians. Meanwhile, word about our work has spread beyond the boundaries of the city and many a poor person walks a long distance to get some help. In concrete terms, wortundtat operates and supports the following facilities in the city