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Why wortundtat provides help in Moldova


Svetlana Bosazhe, 29, her husband (not pictured) and their children Georgi (right), Xenia (top) and Dimitri live in an extension of their parent’s home. All rooms together are no more than 15 sqm in total. Water is leaking through the roof. The gable is almost collapsing.

The clay plaster inside and on the outside walls is crumbling away on a large scale. It is damp, dark and musty. Svetlana’s husband has gone to Moscow to earn money; however, what he earned in one month was just enough to pay for his fare. He is not particularly strongly built and hardly has a chance to get a job on a building site or somewhere else where physical strength is needed. Svetlana works as a cleaner in a school in Ceadîr Lunga and gets about 700 Lei (ca. 42 Euros in year 2012) a month for her work. This is nowhere near enough to survive. She and her children get their clothes from the Gloria clothes chamber.

The front part of the house is occupied by the grandparents and one son, who also earns some money. The state of the extension where Svetlana’s family lives is in need of urgent repairs. The construction unit of Gloria repairs the gable, declutters the flat, plasters walls, re-tiles the roof and builds a canopy. Only a few days and everything is complete. At least, the young Bosazhe family has once again a dry home.

Gloria sent six builders to work on the house of the Bosazhe family. The construction unit is always made available if a house is in urgent need of repair and if its occupants are unable to pay for the work. Gloria has an extensive file with addresses of those in need. That way it is guaranteed that work is only carried out, where help is needed.   

The pictures were taken during a visit in Moldova in November 2012. Read the stories of other residents of the town of Ceadîr Lunga and what wortundtat does to help them in a synopsis.


Impressions from the Republic of Moldova

More pictures on the following pages convey an impression of the life and work and of the people in the town of Ceadîr Lunga. Even if this impression remains incomplete, because pictures after all can only depict part of reality, one can easily recognize that the framework conditions, under which the people live, are completely different from what we are used to in Central Europe.

The press photographer Rüdiger Fessel and his camera have been accompanying the work of wortundtat for some years. The amazing pictures under “Impressions” are almost all his work. More of his photographic work – from the projects in India and Tanzania – is included in the illustrated book “Delivering Hope”, which was published in 2009.