Specialist practice


Qualified but still free medical care for the poor


Monitoring heart and circulation, taking blood, administering medication – without the nurse’s help, doctors at the Centre would be unable to cope with the workload.

Health insurance companies as in Germany and many other European countries are not known in Moldova. Therefore, sick pensioners or unemployed people and their children are often unable to get adequate treatment. wortundtat has set up a specialist practice in the Diaconal Centre to help them.

It is equipped with an ECG, ultrasound, a colonoscopy device and other medical apparatuses. Several specialists, among them an internist, a general practitioner, an ultrasound expert and a dentist are examining and treating patients. Additional specialists lend their support. If necessary, patients may also be admitted to wards of the municipal hospital to be examined.



Because the laboratory is part of the practice, patients often receive the result of their samples and the necessary medication on the same day. That way they don’t have to come to the practice too often.

Because laboratory and chemist are under the same roof, help can often be quickly provided

From Monday to Friday patients arrive early in the morning to wait for the practice to be opened. Thanks to a laboratory on the premises, blood and other samples can be quickly analysed. This enables doctors to make a diagnosis or – if the available equipment is not sufficient – to admit patients to the municipal hospital for further examinations, where the willingness is great to provide free support to Gloria.

Once the disease has been diagnosed, patients are provided with suitable medication from the in-house pharmacy. That way, many hundreds of patients are helped free of charge and without red tape each year. Gloria also provides its patients with massages or other physical therapies.