Hospice in Moldova provides support at the end of life

Dying people need dignified surroundings and professional as well as loving care, in particular at the end of their life when they have to come to terms with fears, pain and distress in their final hours. However, the situation many Moldovans find themselves in, does not accommodate such needs: many old and sick people are often left to their own devices; in many cases, families have been torn apart because adults of working age have gone abroad to earn money. To be able to support terminally ill and dying people, wortundtat has been running a hospice for outpatients and inpatient care in Ceadir Lunga since May 2013.

The Centre radiates a friendly atmosphere. The small team of carers welcomes terminally ill and dying people as well as their relatives and helps them – as far as possible in such a situation – to relax. The aim of this facility is to make the last days and weeks of a person’s life as pleasant as possible and to enable a dignified death, free of fear with as little pain as possible. Many affected people gratefully use it.

The facility is housed in a former administration building of a large agricultural farm, which has been extensively renovated. In order to meet the significant demand, in spring 2016, wortundtat added a wheelchair ramp leading up to the upper floor on the side of the house. Since then, the hospice is also using the second floor.

Large demand is still not covered

Apart from the hospice in Ceadir Lunga, the country of Moldova with a population of ca. 3.56 million only has one further comparable inpatient facility. Apart from that, there are also some outpatient hospice services available. However, the demand is nowhere near being met.

“Especially old people are often alone. We have seen many dying men and women, who were practically left to their own devices in this sad situation. Their immense distress and hardship is almost impossible to absorb by the outpatient services”, says Gloria’s project supporter.