Home visits


Outpatient care service visits people who are sick and/or in need of nursing care

Family structures in Moldova have changed beyond recognition over the past years: young adults of working age have left the country in large numbers. In contrast to the last century, when outpatient care services were hardly needed, the elderly and the sick are now increasingly left to their own devices. But now the situation has significantly changed. During a doorstep survey, Gloria staff found that many people, who urgently needed medical or nursing care, lived alone in their houses without having anybody they could turn to for help.

Hence, an outpatient care service was set up. Several nurses are now visiting patients providing them with the necessary support. Sometimes it is just a matter of taking someone’s blood pressure; another time someone needs help with bathing or has to be given medication or injections. In cases where nurses do not have the required skills, they ask one of the specialist doctors from the Medical Centre for assistance.