Doctors and care personnel for the poor in Ceadir Lunga and beyond

The Medical-Diaconal Centre Gloria provides poor people in the town of Ceadir Lunga with the opportunity of getting free medical examinations and treatment. Various tireless doctors provide their services in the well-equipped practice. Much of the equipment they are using was bought second hand at a reasonable price – among other an ECG, a colonoscopy device and various ultra sound devices. A cardiologist, an internist, a general practitioner and an expert for ultrasound examinations provide their knowledge and their manpower for the treatment of patients. The local dentist also works on an hourly basis. The equipment for his practice had been donated.

wortundtat provides the following medical services:

In the meantime, word has spread in the small country that the Medical Centre Gloria does a good job and works hard to help as many people as possible. The result is that sometimes people come from outside the town to ask for treatment. Where help appears to be sensible and possible, these patients too get the help they need.