Younger Children from poorer families get access to kindergartens

wortundtat offers care for neglected children of school age. For children under 7 years, it does not provide any childcare facilities of its own currently. But in close cooperation with the municipality – for example of Ceadir Lunga – wortundtat ensures that children from particularly poor families are also provided with the opportunity to go to kindergarten. In return for wortundtat’s support in renovating a number of facilities, the administration also opens some of their kindergartens for children from families who are not able to pay the fees. Attending a kindergarten is important for the healthy development of children for a number of reasons: they get regular and adequate meals. They have the opportunity to learn social behaviour within a group. They meet people who spend time and effort to look after them. And parents and grandparents, who are often under a lot of strain, get temporary relief from childcare.

Help with setting up a kindergarten in a remote part of town

Because there had not been any childcare facilities until now, a new kindergarten on the outskirts of the town centre has been set up with the help of wortundtat (see photo above). The distances to the existing facilities would have been too far for the grandparents, many of whom are looking after their grandchildren. Many parents of children in these groups have gone abroad to work. Often children have no one or very little to play with at home. Their grandparents are often overwhelmed and many of them can hardly take care of themselves. Hence, the kindergarten is a great help for all involved.