Day nursery

Loving care for neglected children in Vulcanesti

The little town of Vulcanesti is situated deep in the south of the Republic of Moldova near the Ukrainian border. As many other places in the country, the town with a population of about 14,000 suffers from an extreme shortage of funds. At the start of 2013, this resulted for example in the municipality cancelling the bus, which took the children to school, which means that many children in the region have no longer the opportunity to attend classes. Many of them are already left to their own devices or live with their grandparents, as father and mother are working abroad.

Christian belief can give children security and confidence

In early summer 2013, wortundtat opened its day nursery for some of these children: a wing of a former school building has been renovated and a kitchen and a common room were set up. It is not yet possible to compensate for the lack of schooling, but the young visitors are getting a free meal, professional help with homework; they can attend various workshops, which promote social interaction and if needed, they are even provided with psychological care. The helpers also bring the Christian faith near to the children and in doing so give them the opportunity of putting their life on a sound foundation. The plan is to look after up to a 100 children in the medium term and apart from giving them practical help to manage their future life, let them also experience emotional security, protection and affection.