Day nurseries

Loving care for neglected children

The little town of Vulcanesti is situated deep in the south of the Republic of Moldova near the Ukrainian border. As many other places in the country, the town with a population of about 14,000 suffers from an extreme shortage of funds and high unemployment. Many families are therefore poor and increasingly more parents feel they have no other choice but to work abroad. Often they have to leave their children with grandparents or an aunt. If these are unable to cope with caring for them, many girls and boys have to look after themselves. The result is that many of them live on the street for a large part of their life.

First day nursery in Vulcanesti

In early summer 2013, wortundtat opened its first day nursery for some of these children. The wing of a former school building which has been renovated became home oft the institution called Seceris (pearl). A kitchen and a common room were also set up. Since then up to 100 young visitors are getting a free meal, professional help with homework, they can attend various workshops, which promote social interaction and if needed, they are even provided with psychological care.

Apart from practical help, such as a warm meal a day, children also need love and “food for the soul”. The pedagogic head of Seceris, Elizabeth Smolina, tells us what impact the lack of love and care can have on young adults: “Many feel abandoned and don’t know what to do with their lives.” Elizabeth describes how awful she feels that many of her protégées “find false friends in the street who teach them bad things.” Hence, the helpers want to provide young people with care and education to make them strong for life. Elizabeth: “We also talk to the children about God’s love and our Christian faith. For us, it provides a secure foundation in life. Maybe one day, some children will experience the same.”

Further own care projects

In 2018, wortundtat also set up day care centres in Ceadir Lunga and Cazaclia. The new bright and friendly facility in Ceadir Lunga has places for up to 30 boys and girls aged from 7 to 11. Apart from being extended, the plan for 2019 is it to add a garden. There and in Cazaclia, the offers for children are similar to those in Ceadir Lunga. Apart from learning things they need for life, they also experience a sense of security, protection and love.