Giving a good start to the youngest in kindergartens, day nurseries or schools

Many children in Moldova live under great psychological strain: in many cases their parents do not have a job and are therefore not able to adequately support their children or to provide them with even the bare necessities – for example clothing, food, school equipment or a warm and safe home. Other parents want to have a better life for their children and themselves.They are prepared to leave their family in Moldova and go abroad in order to seek work. Many children remain with their grandparents and do not see their parents for months or even years. Some children even never see their parents again. Of course, such a loss does not leave the forsaken unaffected.

The wortundtat aid for children is currently concentrating on projects in the cities Ceadir Lunga, Vulcanesti und Cazaclia.The region is considered one of the poorest in the country. In spite of an urgent need, cities and country do not have the resources for schools and other facilities for young people.

Repair work – a first step

wortundtat has been providing help for children in Moldova since 2010. Our Moldovan wortundtat partner “Gloria” initially financially supported local schools regarding renovations; it installed new windows in kindergartens, repaired roofs and set up food storage facilities. Since then, the following applies: Becoming aware of defects or shortages in such facilities, wortundtat checks whether help is possible – without letting the town administration off the hook. In return, children from particularly deprived families were given access to kindergartens which gave them the opportunity to experience how to play and learn with other children in the same age group.

Loving care in own facilities

The municipal facilities in Ceadir Lunga for these children are far from adequate. That is why in November 2018, wortundtat set up its own day care centre.

The urgent necessity and the lack of such facilities can also be felt in other places. In 2013 already, our partner established a day care centre in Vulcanesti, which is further south. A third facility was set up in Cazaclia in 2018.

A video (in german language) shows how wortundtat tries to help the children in Ceadir Lunga. Further videos about the work of wortundtat are available on our YouTube channel.