Facilities for relatives

Families in urgent need

Similar to Central Europe, social systems are practically unheard of India. If a family loses its breadwinner, its relatives are left with nothing. Food, rent and education are no longer affordable. The consequences are hunger, homelessness and rejection.

wortundtat takes care of people who have fallen on hard times. There are too many occasions where farmers take their own life because – for example due to severe weather – they have lost their harvest and with it the prospect of any income. What they leave behind are their wives and children who are in debt and cannot cope. Relatives of long-term prisoners as well as AIDS and other orphans suffer a similar fate.

Helpers register these people in need and regularly provide them with food, clothing and financial aid for education and training. wortundtat supports people until they have found a way to stand on their own feet (again) and are capable of helping themselves.