Facilities for fringe groups

The target: taking part in life in spite of long-term impairments

wortundtat is also looking after disabled children and those with visual impairments. Because of their disability they need a very special kind of support, such as special learning materials or means of transport suitable for their body. After completing their training, many of them are employed by our partner organisation AMG India. That way 6,500 disabled people – children as well as adults – have been integrated into normal everyday school or professional life.


Support for over 3,500 leprosy sufferers

Although Leprosy in India has been almost completely eradicated, people who caught the disease and who are suffering from the consequences are still treated as lepers. They receive about 200 Rupees (ca. 2.85 Euro) per month from the state – not enough to live on but too much to die.

wortundtat has been looking after these people for over 30 years: the organisation has built four villages in which leprosy sufferers are looked after and where they can live with their families. Apart from that, wortundtat carries out feeding programmes for leprosy sufferers. Overall, 3,500 leprosy sufferers are receiving aid.