Facilities for children


School instead of work for limekiln children

Children working at the limekilns of Piduguralla had been a daily occurrence for a long time: using simple hammers, children and young people broke up lime stones and carried them to the kilns in baskets. They were also standing on top of the 20 to 30 metre high kilns, distributing coal and limestone – unsecured and without protective clothing.

Some years ago, wortundtat became aware of the situation. Following a construction phase, where the children were learning in various makeshift classrooms, a school complex with pre-school, day nursery and primary school was opened in 2015, which is now attended by about 500 girls and boys. Thanks to new perspectives, which were opened up to young people, working children are now fortunately a rare exception.


Going to school instead of breaking stones

Everyday life in the stone quarries of Yeleswaram in the South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh has been distressing for a long time: even small children were breaking stones – year in, year out. In doing so, they contributed to their parents’ income, who themselves were hopelessly exploited quarry workers.

Thanks to many individual donations and the support of wortundtat, it has been possible to set up a school for these so-called quarry children. It is there where they learn today in order to be able to provide for themselves later in life. By donating a monthly amount of 24 Euro (previously 18 Euro) you can secure a place in this school. We will be happy to provide you with further information as to how you can help with a class sponsorship.


New home for the homeless

“Street children” and “railway children” is the name given to children and young people in India, who live in the street, on trains or at railway stations. They have run away from home because they were no longer able to cope. Or their parents or step parents just threw them out. Quite often, alcoholism, drugs or violence rule their lives. Some ended up many hundreds of kilometres from their home town.

wortundtat has set up facilities for these homeless in two locations. Here they find a new home and learn again to find their way in firm structures. Some of them even turn their lives around to such an extent that they are able to attend school again.


Milk feeding for infants

Slums belong to the image of many Indian cities. Many of their residents are undernourished and in a poor state of health. Often women are not in a position to feed their newborn babies. These children are often suffering from deficiencies. With the help of wortundtat hundrets of newborn babies and small toddlers receive a ¼ litre of milk per day and receive in this way all essential nutrients to support their grown and their immune system. You can support these milk feedings. Only 2.50 Euro per month is enough to ensure that a child under two can grow healthily.