Water supply

Help with setting up a better infrastructure

Andhra Pradesh has many large rivers, which supply the country with water. Nevertheless, not all people have permanent access to clean drinking water. Long periods of drought, increased water consumption by the Indian industry and the falling groundwater level as a result contribute to poorer sections of the population suffering from a shortage of water.
In particular rural areas are also not family with central water supply, sewage plants or separating wastewater and process water. This is added by the fact that in India less than half of the population has a regulated wastewater system. Many people get the water they need from open waters or wells. The consequence is often severe diarrhoeal diseases, which in particular many children do not survive.

Water gets where it is needed

wortundtat and its partner AMG are therefore drilling wells directly where water is needed: in remote villages or in settlements where people fetch their water mainly from ponds or streams. An association of committed young people has been supporting the aid organisation for some time: the hilfreich project encourages pupils in Germany to donate deposit bottles and use the yield to fund wells. An idea, which needs little effort and can be picked up by any interested school.

In the past, AMG, in cooperation with local authorities, has been setting up drinking water reservoirs. That way, areas with little groundwater are also able to overcome longer draughts.