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Economic power without radiation power

Experts expect that, compared to the global economic powers, India’s Gross Domestic Product, after China and the USA, will rank in third position by the mid of the 21st century at the latest. However, these figures are misleading: in spite of the rapid development over the past years, most inhabitants of the country remain bitterly poor and the country only occupies a rank in the lower third of the so-called Human Development Index* of the United Nations.

Although more than half of the working population have a job in agriculture, many of these small farmers live near or even below the poverty level. Only a few of the workforce has a proper employment contract, which provides them with insurance cover in case of illness or workplace accidents. And job qualifications also leave a lot to be desired: only a fraction of people can get an education because there are hardly any apprenticeships because the previous knowledge from the school is not enough or because the parents can not afford the cost of training.

* Apart from the Gross Domestic Product per capita, the HDI also takes life expectancy and the degree of education of the population into account. It is calculated by the United Nations.