Impressions …


Insight into the way of living of the Indian federal state of Andhra Pradesh

Pictures say more than a thousand words. That is why we have put together a selection of photographs on the following pages, which give a small insight into the lives of the people living in the Indian federal state of Andhra Pradesh. However, no impression can be complete without experiencing the noises, the scents or the air the people in this part of the world are surrounded by. All of this is so very different from what people living in the moderate climate and the comparably great security of Central Europe are used to. Nevertheless, the pictures succeed in taking the onlooker well on his way in the direction of Southeast India. The press photographer Rüdiger Fessel and his camera have been accompanying the work of wortundtat for some years. The spectacular pictures on the following pages, all of which have been taken by him, give an insight into the life and the work in India and show children and adults.  More photos can be seen in the illustrated book “Delivering Hope”, which was published in 2009. And anybody not wanting to do without moving pictures and background noises will find what he wants on our YouTube channel.