TB and AIDS sufferers are getting help

Apart from developing a programme for fighting Tuberculosis in cooperation with Indian government departments and the World Health Organisation (WHO), wortundtat has also built a special clinic for tuberculosis sufferers in Chilakaluripet. Due to the fact, that wortundtat workers make sure that the patients do indeed take their medication, the treatment successes are really very good. In addition, patients receive food and vitamins to aid their healing process. That way it can be avoided that patients jeopardize their recovery by stopping their medication and going back to work too early once their symptoms have disappeared. In 2019, the state government provided the hospital with the latest technology for Tbc screening. The good treatment success also played an important role in this decision.

General information about Tuberculosis can be found in wortundtat-Magazine 4/15 (german edition)

In spring 2012, lung specialist Prof. em. Nikolaus Konietzko gave an interim report on the fight against Tuberculosis in India. His speech provides an excellent overview about the efforts country has made regarding this fight, successes and problems.

Tuberculosis is often associated with AIDS. Almost every fifth tuberculosis sufferer tests HIV-positive.