Support for leprosy sufferers

Although Leprosy in India has been almost completely eradicated, people who caught the disease and who are suffering from the consequences are still treated as lepers. The state provides them with a regular monthly benefit payment. However, this is far too low to live without worries.

wortundtat has been looking after these people for about 40 years: the organisation has built villages in which leprosy sufferers are looked after and where they can live with their families. wortundtat looks after leprosy sufferers also outside the villages: in rural areas and smaller villages, invalids regularly receive food, clothing and other everyday items. And anyone with special needs receives orthopaedic shoes, walking and optical aids as well as in individual cases specially equipped tricycles to ease mobility.

However, these projects, which in 1977 were the reason for setting up the aid organisation, can be gradually closed down. Meanwhile, most new leprosy infections are detected at such an early stage that greater physical damage can be prevented. Hence, the people concerned are no longer ostracised but are able to lead a mostly normal life.