General medicine

A glimmer of hope for slum residents

wortundtat runs a complete hospital in Visakhapatnam. For thousand of slum residents and other needy people this hospital has become something they are pinning their hopes on. They would not be able to pay for an operation in a state-owned hospital; apart from that these clinics are often overcrowded. In 2008 wortundtat built a new hospital with 120 beds (pictures 3 – 5). The hospital also integrates a nursery college. That way health care in the slums is improved significantly and young people get the chance of a good vocational education.

The hospital is linked to a nursing school, where about 120 young women are trained for the profession. Their prospects of finding a job later are excellent: care personnel are practically needed all over India. The hospital significantly improves the medical care of people living in the slums. wortundtat runs another nursing school in Chilakaluripet, which is some hundred kilometres to the south of Visakhapatnam. To give the young nursing students practical experience, the school cooperates with the municipal hospital in the neighbouring town of Guntur.

Health centres and clinics

The lack of hygiene is the cause for many diseases in India’s slums. People living in rural areas are often too poor to look after their health. wortundtat has set up various health centres, which provide medical aid free of charge (pictures 1 – 2 + 6 – 7).