3,800 TBC and Aids victims are getting help

12.3 million AIDS victims are expected for the first years of this century, most of them younger than 30 years. In particular the district of Guntur, where wortundtat and AMG India are active is regarded as a region with a particular high rate of AIDS sufferers. wortundtat supports a governmental Anti-AIDS programme providing rice, lentils and vitamins for over 1,900 sufferers. The additional nutrients, which are rich in calories and vitamins, and which they could not possibly afford, help them to postpone the outbreak of AIDS. If the illness is already in an advanced state, it can be borne easier with these additional provisions. In addition, wortundtat helps about 1,900 children of AIDS victims in the District of Guntur financially, in particular with their school and vocational education.

AIDS is often accompanied by Tuberculosis. Because the immune system has been weakened by AIDS, this bacterial infection finds it  easy to infiltrate the body. Patients, who have been infected, are getting special care.