Student nurse



Called to help

Adilakshmi Gurrapusala (on the left side) attends the nursing training college of our Indian partner AMG. Taking the decision to help the sick and needy, the daughter of a farmhand in Chilakaluripet found her mission in life.

The young woman tells us: “My mother had to bring up my three younger sisters and me on her own as my father had deserted us. Her work as a day labourer just paid enough to pay for a simple stone house with a joint bedroom and power supply. However, the family was not able to afford a water connection – and, there was also no money for school fees.”

Offer of the AMG School a stroke of good fortune

The then 7-year old girl was even more delighted when a social worker of wortundtat partner AMG told her family they would offer Adilakshmi a place at the institution’s own school in Chilakaluripet. These were wonderful news for the child, who regarded poverty as a burden from a very young age. Adilakshmi, who is now 20, fondly remembers the time, when for the first time she was able to enjoy the benefits of regular teaching in a reliable institution. Apart from that, she soon found good friends at the boarding school; she also heard about the Christian faith and what it meant for her own life. Her verdict: “At school, I was able to learn a lot about morals and respect towards others. I became aware of my love to God and to people in need. I would never have been able to obtain such a wealth of knowledge in my home town.”

Gratitude for help she herself received

Today, the young woman is living on the AMG Campus again. Her desire to help people in need directly influenced her career choice. Next year, in 2017, she will sit her exams to become a registered nurse. Adilakshmi is already planning her next step, a nursing degree course because “I had so much support and that way, I am able to help my fellow human beings even more.”

Some of Adilakshmi’s classmates have also described their impressions.