Experiencing companionship – From welfare case to research assistant

When he was a child, Siva Rama Krishna depended on the AMG. At 30 he has long been standing on his own two feet but is still very close to the help organisation. A success story from which both parties benefit.

“My family came originally from the Indian middle class. We had enough money. But then my mother died and my father was no longer able to send me to school”, tells us the confident young man. Hence, in 1990 Rama Krishna came to the AMG Primary followed later by attending High School.

“After the tenth term I went to Guntur to the Intermediate School. Thanks to a grant I received, I was able to do a Master of Technology course in Chennai from 2002 to 2004. I voluntarily attended various software courses and today I am working as a research assistant at the University of Guntur”, he says. His net income is almost € 200 per month. This is not much for Indian conditions but till enough to provide for himself, his wife and their four year old son. And it was enough last year to pool together with other former AMG pupils and collect money, which they handed over to AMG.

Rama Krishna: “What I have achieved is to a large part thanks to AMG and wortundtat: here, at school I learned discipline in a positive sense. Our teachers taught us how we can support each other in a group, how we can be respectful of others and how we can live together in the community. We would have never learned as much about these things in a state school. That is why I want to put something back.” He and his friends are planning another collected for AMG in 2010.