Scholarship holder


Learned for Life

Nookaraju Muralasetti is the son of a farmworker. Having completed his 10th year, he initially left school. His parents could no longer afford to pay for his education. But then they heard of our schools, which admit children from poor families. This piece of good news changed Nookaraju’s life.

He spent two years at our school in Rajahmundry and is still grateful for the chance he was given. “During this time I got to know my inner skills. The teachers have made me aware of what I am able to achieve”, says the 26-year old. But not only that: they had also strengthened the sense of belonging together within the group. They had always set a good example to their pupils. Not least because of this he was still – nine years after his final exams – in close contact with his fellow pupils and teachers.

And the more Nookaraju tell us, the more enthusiastic he becomes when he remembers his experience: “This school is a place where one learns everything one needs to make a success of life: how one treats one another, how one brings rich and poor together, how one can help each other. This is the achievement of teachers who do not comply with superfluous conventions. It is not important to them where one comes from! They are looking for possibilities to improve the school. And their interest in the future of their pupils is genuine.”

And for Nookaraju, this future can only develop in a positive direction: having spent several years in various other schools, he now attends the National Institute of Technology in the Indian Federal State of Andhra Pradesh. The Institute is not any scientific facility, but a renowned national Education and Research Institute. Here he develops procedures to clean industrial wastewater. Due to the fact that his final grades were very good, the institute provided him with a grant of about 200 Euro per month. This amount is sufficient to finance his studies and to support his family a little. Then, when he left school after year 10, he would have never thought this possible.