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Raring to go

The young Indian Nageswara Rao did not have a good start in life. His left eye was blind from birth. The sight in his right eye started to deteriorate when he was eight. He lived in his complete darkness since he was ten. Nevertheless, today he able to look after himself.

Nageswara Rao tells us: “I was born in 1977 not far from the city of Rajahmundry in the federal state of Andhra Pradesh. My father was a day labourer who had no regular income. We rarely had enough money. Often, my four sisters and I only had one proper meal a day. And they were always times when we would go hungry. We often asked people in the neighbourhood for money or something to eat. Because of my eye disease, I was neglected by my parents and my sisters.”

However, Nageswara Rao’s life suddenly changed when a neighbour of the family told him about the school of the wortundtat partner AMG. The boy was given a completely unexpected opportunity: he was nine – his eye disease was well advanced – when AMG admitted him to the first class at primary school. He showed that his deteriorating eyesight did not prevent him from learning: several times during the coming years, he was at the top of his grade. When after ten school years his time with AMG came to an end, the organisation offered him financial support to go to college.

Here too, the young man completed his education with good grades and started his professional career.  Today, he has a permanent position at the State Hospital of Devipatnam, where he earns 9,000 Rupees (ca. 130 Euro) per month, about double of the Indian per capita income (as at 2009/2010 according to the Foreign Office), which he uses to support his wife and himself. And it is enough left to also help his parents. Nobody could have predicted such a development 25 years ago. This fills him with great gratitude. However, what he considers at least as important as financial independence is the Belief in God, which has stayed with him since the years at the AMG School.