No. 41


One of the best of the country

The young Indian Manthi Ramesh Subrahmanyana Naidu celebrated his 17th birthday in May. It is understandable that at this age the focus is more on the presence and to a lesser degree on the future. And one can be certain, that one does not necessarily reflect on something that took place yesterday. And even less so if one, as happened to Manthi Naidu, one has just received the confirmation of a place at the Indian Institute of Technology. The institute with 16 branches on the subcontinent is one of the most renowned research institutes of the country and enjoys a great international reputation. To be admitted to the institute, Naidu had participated in an admission test in April – together with ca. 500,000 other young people all of whom also hoped for one of the ca. 10,000 sought-after places at the IIT. In this selection process, which is considered very hard, Manthi Naidu came 122 in the overall ranking and 41 in the assessment of members of disadvantaged casts – right at the top with the best.

In spite of this huge success, despite the positive perspectives, which Manthi Naidu surely has in view of his excellent test result and even though he is still very young, Manthi Naidu did not forget his past: his father is a chauffeur. His mother left school after the second class and today is a housewife. The parents do not earn enough to finance a comprehensive education for their son. And they had to spend a lot of money for the medical treatment of the boy who was missing the fingers on both hands and the toes on one foot from birth. Hence, after the fifth class it was not certain whether they could afford to let him stay at school any longer. However, AMG, our Indian partner organisation, admitted him to one of their schools from which he graduated with excellent grades after the tenth class. Armed with these conditions Manthi Naidu achieved the excellent result of the entry test of the Indian Institute of Technology. AMG will continue to support him during his study course.

These and similar success stories have been made possible not least thanks to the generous support of many friends and supporters in Europe.