Chakri Perabattula: “wortundtat was the jackpot of my life”

Sending us an email from the USA this summer, Chakri Perabattula, a 32-year old man told us about his experiences with wortundtat. He comes originally from a poor family and grew up in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, where he – not least thanks to the wortundtat School – received an excellent education. Today, he holds a highly qualified job in an IT company, which enables him to provide his family with a comfortable life.

Chakri wrote to us: “I come from a poor family. The financial situation of my parents did not allow me to attend school after I had turned 15. Hence, I left education and started to earn money to help supporting my family. Fortunately, in 1995 the AMG Junior College in Bommuru, Rajahmundry took up its work. I was one of the fortunate ones to be admitted. Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry were my main subjects.

This was a decisive watershed in my life; one could say that I had hit the jackpot. Being given the opportunity to continue with my education was fantastic. Apart from that, I had the chance to meet many young people, who were in a similar situation to mine and who also needed help. AMG (the wortundtat partner in India, note of the editor) gave us everything we needed to complete our college education: accommodation, food, text books and school uniforms and last but not least excellent teachers. I am a little bit proud that I passed my exams as the third-best student, even though I had been out of education for a year.

Upon leaving this college, the former AMG Director Sir John David encouraged us also to continue our studies at the Degree College. I was able to attend this school for another three years and completed my education as a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Physics and Information Technology. Finally I took part in a Master course and later joined the global management consulting Accenture, for whom I have been working in the USA for some years.

When I look back, I am always very grateful to AMG und wortundtat that they give poor children like I was the chance to enter a different world. These five years, which I spent with AMG, were pivotal for the development of my character and the starting point of my career – thanks for the great hospitality I was able to enjoy.”

Help comes full circle

Chakri is one example of many. What is particular encouraging is the fact that often particularly successful wortundtat graduates donate money for our work. Hence, they give something of the help they received back and their contribution helps to develop the society in which they live a little bit further. In order to do this, Chakri has created a Facebook group – die AMG Junior College, Bommuru Group (only visible for Facebook members), where former wortundtat pupils can share their experiences.