IT-engineer II


IT specialist Venkata Rao on a visit in Germany

As a child, the Indian Venkata Rao could have never dreamed that he, at the age of 31,would work with other IT specialists from different nations in Germany to develop software for a large steel concern. He probably would have never even contemplated how it might be to live in another Indian state. Such dreams were so far remote from his actual life that they did not even occur to him. Venkata Rao grew up in a little village in Andhra Pradesh, some kilometres away from Chilakaluripet, where wortundtat partner AMG has its headquarter and runs a large secondary school. Together with his sister Ellen and his parents, he spent his childhood in a mud hut covered with grass. The family went to fetch water from a well by the road. The area, where he lived, was only connected to electricity in 2001. “We were very poor and because my father, who is a rice farmer, only had a small piece of land, we did not always have enough to eat”, he remembers. During his childhood, Venkata and his sister helped working the field prior and after school.

Meeting Heinrich Deichmann

However, after primary school he was able to attend the wortundtat boarding school in Chilakaluripet, because there pupils from poor families are taught for free. “I learned so many things there, which I had never heard of in my village”, he says. His school leaving certificate was so good, that he was able to enrol in university, where he graduated in Marketing and Sales. His knowledge of the English language was excellent too. As a result he found employment with one of the largest service providers worldwide in the digital technology sector. His work already led him to assignments in Great Britain and Finland. In autumn 2015, he also worked in Dortmund for a few weeks. Being there, he used the opportunity to get into contact with wortundtat, where he met Heinrich Deichmann, the chairman of the aid organisation. He told him of his life’s journey, which had led him from a remote village in Indian Andhra Pradesh all the way to Germany.

Venkata with his wife and parents, who sometimes look after the young couple’s daughter.

Venkata with his wife and parents, who sometimes look after the young couple’s daughter.

Income sufficient to support the whole family

Nowadays, Venkata Rao earns a salary, which makes it easy for him to look after his wife and their daughter. And he can even afford to support his parents. They are still living in the village where Venkata grew up and he sees them regularly. During his visits, all of them are able to live together in a solid house with a secure roof. Venkata and his sister were able to help their parents with the purchase. Ellen was also taught at AMG, where she enjoyed good education and training. wortundtat is grateful that the help from Germany is making such a difference.