IT Consultant

„My time at school was great“

Gandi Dalinaidu comes from a very poor Indian family. His father is a day labourer without regular income and his mother is a housewife. When Dalinaidu was old enough to leave school, he wanted to look for a job so he could earn money to help his family.

However, his father did not agree. He wanted Dalinaidu to continue his education and therefore approached the wortundtat partner AMG for help. The boy was nine when the organisation admitted him to one of its boarding schools. Here he remained until he had graduated from the tenth class; afterwards the organisation supported him for a while to enable him finish his studies.

“The school I attended was great; it enabled me to discuss issues with people and to work in a team”, says Dalinaidu. “I would have missed all that without the AMG.” And he is not only referring to his social competencies. He was also better than average when it came to his academic performance; hence after he had finished his studies he was offered a job with a respectable employer.

Telephone support for US colleagues

Today Dalinaidu is working for an international IT company in Pune on the other side of the Indian subcontinent. 25 by now, he is providing telephone support to his colleagues in the United States when technical problems require solving during the late evening/early night hours. “Of course it is exhausting to work late into the night and never to return home early”, admits the young man. But he is glad to have a comparatively secure job. And he is grateful for the start-up assistance he received when he was young. Hence, at the beginning of March, he boarded the train in Pune and travelled about 26 hours to his former AMG School. Here he handed the Director a generous donation from his self-earned money in return for what he had received from the organisation when he was still in education.


His father wanted Dalinaidu to continue learning instead of working. Today, the young man can support his family and others.