AMG made it possible for Shaik Junil to be self-employed; today he enables 25 employees to provide for themselves

Shaik Junil is pleased that his shop for electronic appliances is doing so well. He has a shop in Chilakaluripet in the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh, which sells everything – from refrigerator via washing machine to air conditioner. The appliances are not only sold but also repaired and a few individual items have been built in accordance with special requests. It is thanks to an apprenticeship at the training centre of our wortundtat partner AMG that the son of impoverished farmers is now able to provide for his family and for 25 employees.

Water destroyed existence

Shaik comes from a family of farmers. He tells us: “My father and my uncle worked on a jointly leased piece of land near Chilakaluripet. Our life was comfortable; I even attended a state-owned secondary school.”After he had successfully graduated from school, he joined the family enterprise. However, five years later a severe monsoon rain flooded the fields and destroyed the entire harvest. Unfortunately, the fact that the water also destroyed the family’s economic existencedoes happen only too frequently in India, as the State does not provide any assistance.

Not giving up

Shaik did not let this get him down: “Compared to many other victims of such flood disasters, I had school-leaving qualifications. What I needed was an apprenticeship.”However, this was something he could not afford. Hence, he was all the more pleased when he heard about the Industrial Training Center (ITC), the training centre of AMG, which is particularly open to the poor. The then 20year old young man applied for a place and only a short time later received confirmation that he could train as anair conditioning technician. Three years later, he successfully took his exams and immediately became self-employed. To keep costs down, he started to work from home. Only 18 months later, the space available was no longer sufficient and Shaik rented his first own business premises.

Shaik (left) and three of his current 25 employees. Some have also graduated from the ITC.Responsibility for others

The successful young entrepreneur enlarged his business several times and even moved to the inner city. The number of employees has also grown. Hence, Shaik does not only secure his own existence but also that of many others. He summarizes: “The ITC taught me what I need for my life today: technical and commercial know-how, based on which I was able to set up my business. But the people at AMG taught me even more: charity and a candid look forothers. This is not least the reason why I love to have responsibility for my own family – my wife and my two daughters – as well as for all my employees and their relatives.”