Dream job


Education and job were not planned

Our partner, the AMG India, describes it very flowery: “One of the buds of the AMG has blossomed into a successful nurse. Her name is Baby and she is an AMG pupil, who today brings light to the lives of many other people.”

Baby comes from a simple family, where the traditional distribution of roles between man and woman, still widespread in India, applies. She is one of six daughters of a fisherman, who has to work hard to earn a living for himself and his relatives. Against all the odds and even though the social situation of the family gave no rise to such expectations, Baby today has become a great support for her parents and siblings.

She graduated from the AMG School in the small coastal town of Vadarevu in 1999. Even then she really wanted to become a nurse. AMG heard about this dream and took the initiative: school fees and other costs were paid for her, giving her the chance to graduate. After completing the general healthcare and midwifery courses, the got the chance to help the sick and people in need at the wortundtat hospital in Visakhapatnam. Having worked there for several years, she now has a job in the public sector. In her capacity as a ward nurse, she is now in charge of a department at the Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Medical Sciences in Ongole, about 70 kilometres from Vadarevu. Her salary is about € 200 per month. Admittedly not enough to get rich, but enough to enable her to support her family.

“My parents had no interest in letting me continue my education after High School and a professional career was certainly not something they had planned for me. But when I put on my white nurse uniform and instruct my young colleagues, that is a great feeling. Any my thanks go to AMG and wortundtat”, says Baby given profuse thanks to all involved.