AMG nursing students



Highly motivated

Many highly motivated students, who want to help the sick and needy and in addition – by working – want to get financial security for their own life, are learning their profession at the nursing training college of our Indian partner AMG in Chilakaluripet. Four of them gave us an insight into their life: Soumya Edulamudi (down on the rihgt side), Swaroopa Rani Edulamudi (up on the left side), Rajeswari Sadam (down on the left side) and Prasanna Kumari Pilli (up on the right side).

Girls take their future in their own hand

The young women aged between 20 and 21have clear ideas about their future. Driven by their personal past, they are determined to realise them. Like all their fellow pupils, they grew up in very poor conditions. Rajeswari tells us what is true for all of them: ”I come from Brahmanapalli, a small town in the Guntur District, which is about 65 km away. My parents are day labourers. When I was a child, I lived with them and two sisters in a simple stone house, which my parents had rented. There was electricity, but no running water.”

Driven by the past

The girls had similar experiences with regard to the education provided in their hometowns. Swaroopa describes the condition of the rural public schools: “The school building had damaged walls and no toilets. The teacher was barely interested to teach the 50 pupils in our class.”But that was not it: three of the four girls had to work after school because their parents did not have a regular income.

Education opens opportunities

Everything is completely different on the AMG Campus. Prasanna is happy: “Here in Chilakaluripet, I receive a good education in a perfectly organised learning environment. However, apart from learning I also discover a deeper meaning of what I am doing: I want to be able to do good in the same way as here on the entire AMG site everything is oriented towards serving people in need.”

The women are very aware of the chance they are getting at the training centre in Chilakaluripet. Moreover, they are looking confidentially into the future, because they will be much sought after on the Indian labour market once they have completed their training. Soumya puts it into a nutshell: “Living and learning here is a great privilege for us!”

Round picture at the top: By the way, the fifth of the group is Adilakshmi Gurrapusala (front right), also a trainee nurse in Chilakaluripet. You can read her story here.