Fruit of labour



Your help gets to where it’s needed

On the following pages, we would like to give you some examples as to how the help of wortundtat, which among others has been made possible by donations from many wortundtat friends in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, gets to its destination. Why not drop in occasionally – we will add to these success stories in irregular intervals.

  • Korivi Pushpa Latha: The death of her father opened new opportunities
  • Siva Rama Krishna: From welfare case to research assistant
  • Baby: Education and job were not planned for the young woman – today she is able to support her family
  • Chakri Perabattula: “wortundtat was the jackpot of my life”
  • Nookaraju Muralasetti: “This school is a place where one learns everything one needs to make a success of life.”
  • Thirupathi Rao:Experienced the time at our school as if he had been part of a large family.
  • Nageswara Rao: In spite of his difficult start in life, the blind young man is now able to support himself.
  • Manthi Naidu: At the admission test with 500,000 participants he was one of the best of the country.
  • Priyardashini Pallekonda: The young woman is a bank clerk who supports her family and writes her dissertation.
  • Shankar Rao: He made it from railway child to electronic engineering student.
  • Gandi Dalinaidu: The young Indian provides telephone support for colleagues in the US.
  • Nuthalapati Vijay Kumar: Returned to boarding school as a teacher
    Venkata Rao:
    From being a rice farmer’s child to become an internationally working IT specialist.
  • Adilakshmi Gurrapusala: The daughter of a day labourer finds fulfilment in caring for the sick and needy.
  • AMG nursing students: Soumya Edulamudi, Swaroopa Rani Edulamudi, Rajeswari Sadam and Prasanna Kumari Pilli work for a better life.
  • Banavath Peeki Bai: Former AMG pupil motivates others to learn.
  • Ravi Teja: The former street boy makes it to university.
  • Prasanth Kumar: wortundtat helps the young entrepreneur from a poor background to discover ethical management.
  • Gumpina Sandhya Rani: Since her childhood, the young woman had an unusual dream: she wants to study aeronautics.
  • Gowrinadh and Johny: Technophiliac AMG pupils prove to be successful inventors.
  • Shaik Junil: Thanks to AMG he was able to set up his own business, which secures his existence and that of 25 employees.
  • Parigapati and Pilli Babu: The wortundtat schools gave children of day labourers the chance of a better future.
  • Varanasi Bhagya: The young nurse is glad of what she was able to achieve in her previous life.
  • Ponnamanda Ganesh Babu: Today, the young man, whose movements are restricted by Polio, largely lives an independent life.

    Some former pupils tell their story in interviews (German version).


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