School education and vocational training is like a gift for over 22,000 children to start a new life.

Millions of Indian children do not learn to read and write. Many parents do not appreciate the value of education because they never experienced it themselves. Often they do not send their children to school because they are too poor: many schools require school fees, not to mention the costs for clothing, books and exercise books.

wortundtat has built schools and boarding schools including all necessary equipment for these children of the poorest. In accordance with the Indian school system (nursery school to Degree College) more than 22.000 pupils are taught there. They receive school material, clothing and accommodation; they get meals and medical care if required.

Each of the schools has a special feature. In Piduguralla for example, wortundtat has built a school and day centre for children, whose parents have to work at the lime kilns. The 500 pupils between five and ten years are the first of their family, who are able to leave the vicious circle of poverty and poor paid dangerous work. More information about the new “Lime Kiln School”, which was completed in spring 2015 is available here.

Children also learn with the help of computers

Secondary schools also have facilities for children to learn how to work with computers. Initially, they learn how to use the equipment; in advanced classes they also use them during lessons, be it to speak English or to search the internet.

This may sound strange, after all India is a country where many people don’t even have access to running water or electricity. However, in accordance with sustainable support and promotion we regard the use of PCs as both sensible and necessary. Due to the fact that we use a particularly efficient technology (n-Computing) we also achieve maximum learning success with very small technical effort. During n-computing, several pupils use the processing power of a single computer at the same time.