Pre-school children are given time and affection in day centres

Many people living in the slums of the towns and cities are day labourers. Often both parents have to go out to work to feed their family. But time and again, even this is not enough to provide everybody with enough food. Hence, many children are left to their own devices and only have very little prospect of having a better future.

wortundtat has set up day centres for such children in various locations. Here, the little ones have the opportunity to play and to receive a warm meal each day.And their parents can be reassured that they children are well looked after and fed whilst they are out working. Moreover, should a child need special care – be it medical or pedagogical – the pre-school teachers are there to help.

These day centres provide care and initial education at the same time. The children become more assured joining others in pre-school classes and are already taught first letters and numbers.Following on from pre-school, many children are offered a place at the various primary and secondary schools of our wortundtat partner.