Education for people in rural regions

India has made great progress with regard to education policy over the past years. In the meantime, 70 percent of the population above 15 are able to read and write and most children attend school. In spite of this, in particular people living in rural regions and especially girls and women do still not have the same education opportunities as people in urban areas and their male counterparts. In 2015, the UNESCO World Education Report was still referring to circa 287 million analphabets in India – this is almost every fourth Indian.

The problems of analphabetsare evident in everyday life. Just some examples: they cannot read road signs, when shopping they do not recognise warnings or read nutritional information; they cannot check a pay slip or a bill, not to mention a prescription or a recipe.

By providing various educational offers for different age groups, wortundtat helps in the Federal State of Andhra Pradesh: