Street Children

Home for street children

They are not familiar with daily routines. The live of begging and try to earn an income from cleaning shoes, collecting empty bottles or carrying suitcases. They sleep in the street, at railway stations or in empty rail compartments. Often they live far away from their original home: so-called “street children” and “railway children”. 

As numerous as the children, as numerous are the reasons why they left home: one has lost his parents, the other ran away from them or the poor living conditions, the third hopes to find something, which he didn’t get at home: friends and at least enough to live on.

In 2003, wortundtat started a project for these children and young people in the small town of Chirala: a kind of emergency shelter in the direct vicinity of the railway station. Here, they are looked after and get a meal a day. They get used to a daily routine again and learn to integrate in a group and its structures. Thus, some of them will be able to attend the wortundtat school in nearby Chilakaluripet and based on their education get a new perspective for their life.