Stone quarry school

Going to school instead of breaking stones

After in 1995, national workers had encountered numerous children doing hard physical work in stone quarries near the town of Yeleswaram, a school was set up within sight of the stone quarry – first provisionally in a rice mill. In the years that followed, a big school was built and since then the wortundtat partnerorganisation AMG India has been doing everything to show more and more parents from the 47 stone quarries in the region new perspectives for the future of their children. Because a school education is the only way to give their children the opportunity to get a school or even a university education. These requirements in turn are the key for a future without the dangerous and poorly paid work in the stone quarries. It was not always easy to convince parents of the benefits of a school education because most families don’t even have the bare essentials, which means they depend on every source of income, however small.

Every last place has been taken

However, with about 1,900 pupils the school for former stone quarry children has reached its full capacity: about 1,800 children attend regular school classes; plus 100 girls and young women who go to two classes in the sewing school. This success has not least been possible due to the support from Germany, Austria and Switzerland: many people have adopted class sponsorships and support a place at the school by contributing 24 Euro per month. The success is impressive: when wortundtat employees visit the stone quarries today, finding children at work is the absolute exception. Nevertheless, we are still looking for sponsors of school classes. If you would like to help, please let us also have your contact details so that once a year we are able to send you further information about the class you are supporting.

You can make children the gift of a chance!

You would like to support this project on a regular basis? Many people have already adopted such a class sponsorship and support us regularly with a fixed amount. By paying 24 Euro per month (previously 18 Euro), you too can ensure a place at school for a new child.

I want to help regularly