Milk feeding

A glass of milk a day for healthy growth

Breastfeeding a baby is an excellent basis for the later healthy development and growth of the child. However, hunger and malnourishment are the greatest threats to health worldwide and affect about 1.2 billion people. In accordance with the World Feeding Programme of the United Nations in India alone up to 34 percent of people go hungry every day. And this number is probably even higher in the slums, because these are occupied by the poorest of the poor. There, children under two often have only very little chance to be breastfed well, as often their mothers don’t have enough to eat. And without a sufficient and balanced diet, their milk production is never really adequate. The sad consequence: apart from acute hunger, the babies are also threatened by serious illnesses, such as becoming blind, deformations of the skeleton or mental handicaps.

Therefore, wortundtat provides milk feedings in some of the slums: mothers with babies and toddlers under two years receive a voucher, which entitles them to get ¼ l milk every day from one of the wortundtat facilities. Overall hundrets of newborn babies and small toddlers receive their daily milk ration from issuing centres in Chilakaluripet, Narasaraopet, Piduguralla, Vijayawada, Kakinada and Visakhapatnam, which are all in the direct vicinity of the residential areas of the poor. The milk provides the little ones with important nutrients and calcium to aid their growth and their immune system

Would you like to support this project? Only € 2.50 per month is enough to provide a child under two with the necessary amount of milk for a month. This means it costs no more than € 30 – or € 60 until a child has reached its second birthday.

Milk for Indian babies

Just € 2.50 per month is needed to provide an Indian baby with a glass of milk each day.

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