Limekiln children

School instead of work for limekiln children

In order to have any chance to survive, many Indian children have to contribute helping their often poor families to survive. The families are dependent on the income of the children. Hence, until a few years ago, hundreds of children worked in the lime works near Piduguralla, where they had to slave under inhumane conditions: they used simple hammers to break up limestone, which they carried to the ovens in baskets. Here, occupational safety and health were foreign words.

Together with its Indian partner, wortundtat has ensured that many of these children are able to go to a day nursery or to school and that they no longer need to work. After several years of going to lessons in makeshift buildings, a school was finally built near their parents’ workplace. Since 2015, about 500 girls and boys have been attending pre-school, day nursery and primary school. And after primary school, quite a few children have made the change to the secondary school of our wortundtat partner in Chilakaluripet.

If you would like to support our work,we would be glad to receive any amount to keep the school at the limekilns up and running – for example a monthly amount, which we may rely on for financing ongoing expenses.

I gladly give what I can.