Help for particularly needy children

More than 31 % of the almost 1.2 billion Indians are younger than 15 years (Germany: almost 14 %) – or in other words: about 370 million children and adolescents live on the subcontinent and need – as the weakest links of society – more care. Of 100 children born in India

• 65 do not exist officially, because they don’t have a birth certificate,
• six or seven will not live to their first birthday,
• only every second child will be vaccinated against the most dangerous childhood diseases,
• five will die because of malnutrition,
• only 25 will successfully complete their primary school education.

(Source: UNICEF 2006)

wortundtat is in particular looking after children who have an even harder time than others. Here are only a few of the possible causes:

• They don’t have enough to eat, 
• They don’t have equal opportunities because they are coming from the lower levels of society,  
• They have no home to go to, 
• They have to do hard physical work.

Apart from schools, who in particular accept children from lower Castes, wortundtat has set up the following projects in India: 

• Day nursery and school for limekiln children 
• School for children of stone quarry workers 
• Home for railway children 
• Milk feeding for children under two years