Operating in Andhra Pradesh for more than 40 years

It is over 40 years ago that the aid and mission work organisation wortundtat started its work in the South Indian State of Andhra Pradesh. wortundtat only uses local workers to carry out its work. The Indian organisation AMG India International with seat in the city Chilakaluripet is solely responsible for realising the wortundtat projects.

Some basic information about India

India has recorded significant economic growth in recent years (alone more than 6.5 percent in year 2017). However, only a minority is benefiting from this boom: according government data, fewer than 5 percentof all people available to the labour markethave professional qualifications. Only about 10 percentwork under a contract of employment. Hence, only a small number benefit from the recent growth: even though by global standards, the emerging nation is home to the most millionaires and billionaires, the averageper capita income is just €1,100 per year. About 70 percent have less than €660 available andcirca 30 percentof the population live below the poverty line of USD1 per capita per day (€330 per year)*. Particularly underdeveloped are the rural areas where about 70 percentof all Indians (circa 875 million people) live – often in great poverty. wortundtatprovides help in Andhra Pradesh in the south of the subcontinent. Further information about the life and the situation of the peoplein Andhra Pradesh is available under the heading Impressions.

Helping in word and in deed

Poverty, in particular in India, has many faces; however, the same applies to the aid of wortundtat. Since 1977, the aid and mission work organisation has developed many different offers of assistance, which in particular concentrate on the following areas:

Selected examples of former pupils show the long-term effect of our support.

*Source: Foreign Office (as at: October 2015)