Social Issues

Viele Hilfsbedürftige in Athen bekommen nur bei Hilfsorganisationen warmes Essen: Sie haben oft kein festes Dach über dem Kopf oder leben in leerstehenden Häusern ohne Strom und fließendes Wasser.

Feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, advising the disoriented, supporting those in search of meaning

The bare necessities, which are provided by the helpers, include the so-called ‘love meals’. During the week, these free evening meals are attended by 200 to 300 people each day who come to the big in-house dining hall. These groups are alternating so that everybody can benefit: one day the homeless, refugees from Syria on the next, after that those from Iraq and Afghanistan and so forth. Many beneficiaries come to get help, which is provided in form of a network spread over the city, on different working days.

Clothes chamber for women and children

At the Mother-Child Centre, refugee women and their children can get their basic needs from the clothes chamber. People who only have what they are wearing are often grateful for the replacement of a torn or lost piece of clothing.

Within the scope of their possibilities, the helpers of Hellenic Ministries assist the homeless and refugees when they have to deal with officials; they also help when it comes to visiting a medical surgery or in respect of disputes with authorities.


Summercamps for people who have suffered a lot

A particular form of the social work is the five-day summercamp for refugees outside Athens. At a remote site by the sea, refugees get the opportunity to recover from their exhausting everyday life on Athens’sstreets. Extensive play and sports opportunities help them to relax and to rediscover their joy of life. Periods to eat, drink and talk about what may stabilize their own life round up the offer

The short film shows the work at the Athens Mother-Child Centre.